Wholesale Diamonds On Internet?

Nowadays, we buy cars, boats, airplanes, and even real estate through Internet. What about jewelry? How safe is it to surf the web looking for a good deal, high-quality diamond coming with a wholesale price tag? If you live close to New York wholesale diamonds market or have good connections with a diamond broker in Chicago, you will probably dismiss the whole idea of shopping for diamond jewelry on Internet.

Some deals posted on Craiglist have proven to be worthy of spending hours on the web, “real McCoy”, and some did save lots of money getting pure wholesale diamonds; but some postings — simply fraudulent. If a person selling you a diamond doesn’t provide his or her contact info (phone number) when you request it and always declines the idea of meeting you in person, you should be alerted.

Instead of going through Internet, I would recommend finding your own local reputable jeweler checking out available referrals, comparing the prices with what the New York Wholesale Diamonds market has to offer. My personal jewelers, Mark and Nataliya Hadley have never let me down, and I keep coming back to them whenever I need a special gift for my wife or my mother.

I do believe that if you a looking for a very special gift, you should be guided by someone you trust, someone with a proven record of professional expertise. It is very tempting — hunting for a good deal, but is it worth it if you will get a treated diamond instead of what was promised to you as a natural stone? I don’t believe so. It is not very often that we purchase very expensive gifts for very special people in our lives. When the time comes to do so, I want to be in “good hands” of someone like Mark Hadley, my private jeweler in Denver, CO.

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Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings, Diamond Rings – What Does it All Mean To Her?

The cultural value concerning diamond rings is one of everlasting true love. Set into engagement rings, the scintillating cut corners stand for life-long commitment as well as monogamy. In spite of this, the beauty as well as respect of an engagement ring is not necessarily particularly a symbol of married infatuation. As ladies have developed into a new significantly more substantial part of the world of business, the particular interest in diamond rings created for the right hand has grown a lot. As a token of independence and personal prosperity, right-hand rings exhibit that a woman has truly come into her own in a male-dominated market. The historic worth of expensive diamonds as a token of truly worth and promise is intimately joined to the loose diamonds economy. Nowadays, virtually all diamonds available are usually not the actual notorious ‘blood diamonds’ they used to be. Still, simply because real diamonds tend to be mined within various parts of the world, it’s very helpful to discuss with your jewelry expert to make certain that the particular expensive diamonds inside your awesome wedding ring (regardless of the particular particular meaning) originated from a quarry that respects the working circumstances of the particular miners.

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